Tips for Moving With Your Pet

Tips for Moving With Your Pet

Tips for Moving With Your Pet

Late summer means many people are moving into new homes with their family members, including their furred or feathered friends. Moving with pets is already an incredibly stressful time for everyone, so tangling with sick animals, bad behavior or runaways can make complicated moves even more frustrating.

However, with just a few simple practices and strategies, you can reduce your odds of bad incidents occurring during your move while making the transition more pleasant on everyone, especially pets. Whether moving into one of the Cumberland, WI homes for sale or out of one, you can use the following tips during and after your move to ensure every family member stays happy.

Consider Delaying Your Pet’s Trip

The first question you need to ask yourself is “do I have to move my pet now?” If you can work out a way to bring your pet to you after most of the move is completed, you will already have removed many of the obstacles out of your way. You also get to focus on the pet’s experience, as opposed to having them be yet another thing to deal with alongside your belongings.

So, instead of bringing the pet along with the rest of the house, consider having them stay with a friend, a family member or a boarding service. You can make a return trip to fetch them later, or you can use a pet transport service to bring them to you.

Keep a Tight Leash

Pets that never, ever run away may have a change of heart in the midst of a stressful move. When transporting your pet and making rest stops, keep the animal secure in a crate and with their collar on. Any time they leave the crate, put a strong leash on them and remain watchful for any signs of fleeing.

Cats can benefit from having a harness in this situation since it can make them easier to grab, but your best bet is keeping them inside their crate any time the vehicle is open to prevent them from bolting.

Make Sure They Are Comfortable

Give your pet all the comforts you would want on a long trip, including familiar bedding to lay on, a reasonable temperature in the cabin and a secured crate so they are not sliding around. Be wary of heavy objects like furniture sliding into their crate.

Small animals like guinea pigs and ferrets are especially vulnerable to stress during transport, so keep their temperature comfortable, and cover their cages with a blanket to conceal the shocking changes going on outside the windows.

Fish can also become shocked during transport. You can bag them in large bags filled using their familiar tank water and add oxygen from an aquarium supply store, where they will be okay for up to 48 hours. Avoid extreme temperatures, and float the bags in the new tank before opening them to avoid sudden shock. For big moves, you may just want to keep your tank but give the fish to a new home and buy new fish once you arrive.

Ensure Your Pet Can Become Used to Their New Home

All pets are adverse to change, so make them as comfortable as possible following a move to reduce their stress. For cats and dogs, set up a room with familiar furniture and bedding, and keep the pet confined in that room during hefty projects like arranging furniture. Let the animal explore the house on their own during lulls in activity, but continually return them to their private room for the first week or so.

With dogs, be wary that they may try to run on leashed walks or when left outside, so keep a close eye during your first few months. Cats are even more prone to pine for their old home, so keep outdoor cats indoors for a few months after a move, and then gradually expose them to outdoor time in increasingly longer durations. You can also consider leash training them or building a “catio” to slowly get them used to their new territory.

Make Use of Local Services When Moving Into One of the Cumberland, WI Homes for Sale

If you are moving into a new home for sale in Cumberland, WI, then make sure to look around the city for pet-friendly services that can make your move easier. For instance, Northern Lakes Veterinary Clinic and Animal Hospital can check them out to ensure they are in tip-top shape, and Pets for You in Rice Lake can provide all the toys, treats, equipment and specialty food they need to fall in love with their new home.

If you need any advice when moving to Cumberland with a pet or want help finding the perfect home for you and your whole family, then do not hesitate to contact a knowledgeable Cumberland real estate agent from Re/Max Northstar today.

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