5 Secrets of Home Staging

5 Secrets of Home Staging

Home staging is everything for your sales efforts. When you put your home on the market, the goal is to get it sold at a high price as quickly as possible. People do judge books by their covers, and you want to show your house at its very best so that people who come to view the property fall in love right away.

Of course, staging a home for sale is trickier than it might seem at first. There are a lot of things you need to consider, and a lot of pitfalls to avoid. Read some important pieces of advice, tricks and home staging tips to ensure that your house looks its absolute best when potential buyers visit.

Home Staging Tips

There are tons of home staging tips your Realtor can give you when selling your home. Some of the most important involve basic efforts like clearing out clutter, making the outside look great, and presenting an empty canvas on which the new buyers can work. It’s all about removing yourself from the equation and making the place look bigger, in the end.

Clear the Clutter

It’s not a crime to have clutter. We all do. But when the time comes to sell your house, the first and most important thing you need to do is clean everything out, top to bottom. Get a storage locker if you need to, but this can be a great time to downsize your life.

Get a garbage bag and go through your home, pitching things you really don’t need. If your shelves are stuffed full of books, movies and the like, pare them down so there’s less on them. The idea is to make the home look larger.

Move Furniture away from the Walls

The idea that pushing furniture against the walls makes the room look bigger is an old myth. In fact, moving your furniture away from the walls and closer together can make your rooms look a great deal larger!

Add Lighting

The brighter your home, the bigger it will appear. Even if you don’t have proper lighting fixtures or enough windows, you can make this happen. Add more lamps, and increase the wattage of your bulbs. Shoot for 100 watts of lighting per 50 square feet of space.

Choose the Right Color Scheme

The color scheme of your home makes a huge difference in how it appears to visitors. First, you want a neutral color. All the choices you made that exude your personal sense of style and aesthetic need to go. Paint the house white, off-white, earth tones, or something very basic that makes it look like a clean canvas upon which the new buyer can build.

Next, paint everything the same color. This creates a seamless pass which makes the home look larger. Painting sunrooms with natural colors to match outdoors can create a similar illusion.

Ask a Realtor

Your Realtor is your best resource when staging your home. They can help you with these and many other tips and tricks to get your home sold fast and at the best possible price. If you’re in the Cumberland region and looking to sell your home, call Re/Max Northstar to get started today!

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