Benefits of Buying Cumberland Real Estate in the Winter

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Benefits of Buying Cumberland Real Estate in the Winter

Conventional wisdom says that the spring and summer are the best times to buy or sell a house, since the weather is better, and properties tend to look nicer without snow. However, there are some practical benefits to shopping for a house or moving in the winter.

Here are some benefits to buying Cumberland real estate in the winter:

Less Competition

If the majority of house hunters are conducting their home search in the spring and summer, it follows that the market is less competitive in the winter. Low demand for homes and fewer competing offers benefit you in your search, so if you’re looking for a great deal, the winter is the best time to find it.

Lower Prices

Fewer buyers and less competition often means lower prices for you. In the spring and summer, sellers have the opportunity to cash in on the “hot” season and allow buyers to compete. In winter, however, someone desperate to sell their home is more likely to offer it a better price and take your offer.

Seller Motivation

With fewer offers in the slow winter months, sellers are often more flexible and motivated to sell their homes quickly. This results in better negotiation on the selling price, closing date, closing costs or sale terms, as well as possibly including household appliances or furniture in the sale.

These are some of the reasons that sellers tend to wait for the peak season, but it also means that you can reap the rewards by shopping in winter.

Seller Circumstances

Because winter is less than ideal for a seller, there may be extenuating circumstances forcing them to sell. New jobs that require relocation, divorces, financial issues and other similar concerns could be the reason that a seller is looking to unload their home, which motivates them to sell quickly. Now, the buyer is a prime position to get a better deal on the home they want.

More Attention from Your Real Estate Agent

Just like the quiet winter home search lowers your competition, it also gives you more attention from your real estate agent. Unlike in the peak season when they’re often juggling numerous clients, the slow winter months allow your real estate agent to wwwote more time to your needs and find your home faster.

Go Home Shopping!

There are so many benefits to shopping for Cumberland real estate in the winter, so what are you waiting for? Bundle up and head out there to check out the available homes in the area, and you may be surprised at what you come across!

If you need a little help with your winter real estate search, look no further than the talented and experienced agents at Re/Max Northstar! Our real estate agents are always dedicated to the needs of their clients, but winter is still the prime time for you to receive their undivided attention and negotiate your way into the home of your dreams.

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