What You Need To Know When Purchasing Vacant Land

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What You Need To Know When Purchasing Vacant Land

When looking for at homes for sale in Cumberland, WI, you might not find the right house for you. People with the right resources and money might prefer to build their own house. In fact, they can visualize their dream home while on an empty property. Before the building process begins, find out what you need to know when purchasing vacant land.

Have a Realistic Budget

Building your own house is an expensive undertaking. Look over your finances to determine how much you can spend and plan your house’s architecture accordingly. If you can’t afford a mansion, build a midsize home instead.

Leave room in your budget for unexpected expenses. Most likely you will have to dig deeper holes or cut down more trees than originally planned.

Know the Neighborhood

While you can add your personal touches to your home, build with the similar style of the neighboring houses. You don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb on your street. Plus you don’t want to upset your neighbors if your house is much bigger than theirs. Also check the property values of the neighborhood homes and keep your house in the same range to avoid being overpriced and overtaxed.

Inspect the Land

As with any home, you need to inspect your land before you build. Make sure the ground is sturdy enough for laying the foundation of your home. You may need to cut down trees or tree branches if they look like they’re ready to fall.

Check to see if you have easy access to water and electricity. If you are too far away from water, you’ll need to create a well or buy a septic tank system. Retipster.com offers more smart tips about vacant land inspections in their Twitter post.

You also need to hire a professional to perform environmental tests on your land. If the soil is too contaminated, you cannot build a home on it.

Zoning Ordinances

Before you make any final decisions on the design of your property, check with the local zoning ordinances which are laid out by the city’s planning commision. Ordinances may restrict the boundaries of your home and prohibit you from building on certain stretches of land. Follow the ordinance’s guidelines. For example, you may need to put up a sea wall if you are building a waterfront property.

Use Your Cumberland Realtor

While you can look at available vacant lands for yourself, realtors have more resources. Our team at RE/MAX Northstar are experts on the vacant areas and know how to find the zoning ordinances guidelines and where the flood-zone areas are. Our agents will help you find other information such as property taxes and water and sewer zones. We work hard to protect our clients from making costly mistakes or getting into possible legal trouble. Check out our list of available vacant lands on our website.

For those of you who always dreamed of building your own home, we offered what you need to know when purchasing vacant land. By following certain rules and procedures and keeping a flexible budget, your home-building experience should be a success. To look at vacant areas or homes for sale in Cumberland, WI, contact the realtors at RE/MAX Northstar today.

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